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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moo1 multiplayer project

Let me introduce excellent game - Master of Orion 1 !
First game in series becomes true bestseller. Game is incredible, but have one serious bug.
There is have not multiplayer mode ( Dont worry this bug is - fixed !
*Year 1994 two programmers (me) Vitaly Tchaikin and Andrey Kozlov trying to fix game ... after 2 month of work we do that ! Next month we are try to modificate "combat mode", because only active player may command own ships. It was serious problem. Now we must completely rewrite combat code.
*Year 2005 some peoples remember great old game ... I am searching "Moo1 multiplayer project" on ancient server, but no results. Only small part of project remain, it was "Map editor".
*Year 2006 exploring *classic-trush on another pc, I found it ! I need time for check is it works ?! The most important file which exchange player information present, but one file perhabs corrupted ... Today I am plan to check it !


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