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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Exploring Moo1 project

You may download project as is
How it should works:
1. you create new game, send ships, and quit moo;
2. copy starmap.crh to starmap.crk then edit it instead N write 02 for two players game
3. run 'crack.bat at first batch trying restore *.old files (you must create copy of original orion.exe & starmap.exe) . Next step is apply *.crk files.
4. after that batch correct technology level for second player
5. running Moo1, Player1 turn started ! After turn complete player leave the game pressing GQQ you may use ansi.sys for generate symbol chain pressing on choosen key !
6. exchange players data, and run Moo1 again, Player2 turn begin ! After second player complete turn, he press button Next Turn
7. Player2 second turn started !

Why project dont work ? (look at comments)


Blogger dj #102880147 said...

Look at orion.crk
008526 02
...... ..
0306F5 02

this code need for correct cycle start counter
for i=1 to NumberOfAI
after crack
for i=2 to NumberOfAI

If you dont, programm consider second player is AI !

But if you inspect 008526(h) offset at orion.exe you understand crack does not fit to .exe

11:32 PM  
Blogger dj #102880147 said...

Look at starmap.crk
00F841 02
...... ..
080DAC 02

If you inspect 00F841(h) offset at original starmap.exe you should see 01 or 00 - the same sort problem !

File starmap.cr2 also does not fit.

11:42 PM  
Blogger dj #102880147 said...

orixchg - need for exchange players data in save7.gam
You may found asm source in SRC directory.
Programm crush if you start game in small galaxy.
Medium galaxy size game save - looks Ok.
large & huge - exchanged not correct ...

11:50 PM  
Blogger dj #102880147 said...

Finally I consider crack not compatible with this version of .exe downloaded from Moo1 site
I remember we are work with 1.3 version ...
Also after prepare patch for 1.3 version, crack still do not compatible !

11:56 PM  

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